Homeschool Art With ARTistic Pursuits Inc. – Review

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(Last Updated On: August 2, 2022)

ART! I mean, what preschooler/kindergartener doesn’t love, art? My daughter is no exception. She LOVES art! We had the opportunity to review an amazing art curriculum from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. called the K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8. I knew that it would be an awesome fit for us.

What Is ARTistic Pursuits Inc.?

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. is a whole-subject homeschool curriculum that features art instruction, art history, and art technique that encourages creative participation. Their approach to art allows children to visually see a variety of techniques used which then allows children to understand and use the concepts that they have learned.

It’s recommended that students start with Volume 1 to learn and follow the history of art and then go in chronological order through Volumes 2-8 OR start with Volume 1, then skip to a volume of your choice that features the historical period.

How We Used ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

For our review, we were given the Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, K-3 Volume 1. The hardcover book features 18 projects and came with a DVD and Blu-ray disc. ARTistic Pursuits also included Caran d’Ache watercolor crayons and a paintbrush. They suggest that you use high-quality art supplies because they will hold up and last much longer than supplies you would find in a department store.

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Textbook and Supplies

We used this set as our primary art curriculum and dedicated one day per week for an art lesson. Prior to starting on an actual art project, we reviewed the lesson on the DVD and then proceeded to the lesson.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Video Lesson

Lesson 1 taught about how to use watercolor crayons to draw a picture. After watching the video lesson, my daughter chose her object, Flutterfly, to draw. She then proceeded to create her drawing with a few reminders here and there from me on what the steps were and to remind her to tap the excess water from her brush.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Drawing

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Painting

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Painting2

Here’s her final product! I am in love with it!

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Final Painting

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Final

How Much Does ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Cost?

The Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, K-3 Vol. 1 set costs $39.99 +tax. They also offer a starter pack which includes the K-3 Vol. 1 curriculum and art supplies for $111.99 +tax. If you wanted to purchase all 8 volumes of the K-3rd Grade Level, that costs $239 +tax

My Thoughts On ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

My daughter quite literally adores art! Using this curriculum was like putting three extra scoops of ice cream on a cone for her! Prior to starting, I was curious to see how much she could retain and comprehend the art concepts from the lessons. After watching each lesson, she was eager to work on her art project and was able to follow along wonderfully. She would even ask to do another project when she just completed one! This made me a very happy mama!

This curriculum provides art instruction and lessons for homeschooled students in preschool all the way through high school. With my daughter’s adoration for art, the curriculum from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. will be a staple in our homeschool! If you’re looking for an art curriculum, I definitely recommend this one.

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