Fun Date Ideas To Do With Your Kids

Fun Date Ideas To Do With Your Kids

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(Last Updated On: October 2, 2020)

Kids grow up quickly! When I think about how fast it all goes by, it honestly makes me one big ball of mush and I get quite emotional. Life is busy and full of toddler meltdowns, but one thing I strive to do is intentionally make one-on-one bonding time for them.

One of the best things a mom can do is spend personal one-on-one time with her kids. There’s nothing better than seeing their sweet, happy little faces when they get to have mom all to themselves. That, alone, is priceless! When it comes to dating your children, they will most likely love anything you do with them. It can be so simple, and they wouldn’t even care because they’re with the number one lady in their life, you!

I encourage you to go on a date with your children. Here are some Mother-Daughter and Mother-Son date ideas that are not only fun, but you can do them again and again because kids will love it! Oh, and it won’t break the bank, which is always a good thing!

Mother-Daughter Date Ideas:


Who doesn’t love a manicure and pedicure? If you’re doing this at home, try to make sure it’s uninterrupted time. It’s also nice to go to a salon and get pampered every once in a while, too.

Visit The Library

The library is a great place to have some one-on-one time. Spend time browsing your child’s favorite books and finding some new books to check out and take home. 

Community Center Class

Anything with arts and crafts is always fun. Check your local community center to see if they offer fun craft classes for kids.

Tea Time Picnic

Pack up their favorite snacks and beverages and head over to the park for a tea-time picnic. Don’t forget to pack a sweet treat and even some of your daughter’s favorite stuffed friends!

Makeup Makeovers

If you’re brave enough to let your toddler or young daughter put makeup on you, this one is sure to be fun! Again, if you’re doing this at home, make sure it’s uninterrupted mommy time.

Go To A Musical

My daughter loves musicals and plays. If your town has a musical theatre, see if there are age-appropriate shows for the two of you to go together! If not, rent an age-appropriate classic and watch it together!

Mother-Son Date Ideas

Home Depot Workshop

Head over to your local The Home Depot store on a Saturday morning and get your hands dirty at their fun DIY workshops for kids! These workshops are so much fun and are FREE!

Ice Cream Shop

Who doesn’t love ice cream or frozen yogurt? This one is easy, delicious and a winner every single time.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Write, or draw, out a few things to look for on your hunt. Go to your local park, nature reserve, or even your backyard and hunt! At the end of the hunt give your son a special treat for finding all the things on the scavenger map!

Visit The Fire Station

Local fire stations are usually very welcoming when it comes to kids visiting. Normally, they will give you a tour of the fire station and let you sit in the fire truck, then, send you off with a sticker and a plastic firefighter hat. As always, call ahead to schedule a time and give them a heads up.

Visit A Hands-On Museum

If your son likes to tinker, this one will be fun because there will be lots of things to do to keep your son busy for hours!

Go To The Zoo

Boys love anything outdoors, and my son loves the zoo and looking at the animals! You can make it even more fun by playing a scavenger hunt at the zoo!

Spending quality time on a date with your children can be so much fun! These are just a few ideas to get you started on your brainstorming. You know your kids best and sticking with what they like is always a good thing. I promise you, they will have so much fun because they are having uninterrupted bonding time with their mama!

Fun Date Ideas To Do With Your Kids

What are some fun dates you have done with your kids? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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