Easy $5 Dollar Tree Resurrection Garden

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(Last Updated On: March 30, 2021)

Resurrection Day is right around the corner and what a better way than to help our children celebrate in anticipation by making a Resurrection garden!

I picked up all of these materials at my local Dollar Tree for just $5!

Here are the materials you’re going to need from Dollar Tree:

Other materials you’re going to need are:

Before you get started with putting together your Resurrection garden, read the story of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion in the Bible or in one of my favorite Bibles for kids, The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Helping your kids understand Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for our sins and atonement He paid once and for all for us is so important.

This activity will help teach your kids to remember Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross for their sins, that the tomb is empty and that we serve a living God who is coming back again! AMEN!

Now let’s get started!

The first thing you’re going to do open the bag of soil and put some on the bottom of the planter trolley. If the soil is a little dry like ours was, wet it a little bit so that it spreads and covers the bottom evenly.

Planter Trolley
Once you have even coverage on the bottom, take the terra-cotta pot and place it on its side with the opening facing the middle of the planter trolley. The terra-cotta pot is going to be Jesus’ empty tomb!

Once you have that placed inside, cover the terra-cotta pot with the wet soil. Be sure to put soil around it as well.

Now you’re going to put together the crosses. Jesus was crucified between two criminals (Matthew 27:38), so we’re going to make three crosses. My 7-year-old daughter is a crafty mini-me so she gladly glued them together.



Once the crosses were glued, we placed them in the garden and then put the hope stone which represents the stone being rolled away (Matthew 28:2) slightly in front of the tomb.

crosses and hope stone


Time for the seeds. This is the part that we’ll look forward to weekly! Sprinkle the seeds around the garden, water them daily, and watch them grow! We planted ours 3 weeks before Resurrection Day so we hope to have something growing before then.


Here’s what our’s looks like all finished up with the kid’s cute little hands!


kids resurrection garden

Here’s what it looks like in our rock garden!


resurrection garden

I really love it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when the flowers start to grow! I will update the blog with a photo when it starts growing. The kids are so excited to water the garden every day and to see what the flowers will look like too!

This has been so much fun and has been such a great hands-on lesson for Resurrection Day for the kids!

Are you going to hop on over to Dollar Tree to grab some materials to make this with your kiddos?

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