Top 5 Ways to Dress Your Kids for Less

Top 5 Ways To Dress Your Kids For Less

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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2020)

As a frugal mama, it’s hard for me to justify the thought of purchasing expensive clothes and shoes for all three of my kids that will only be too small a few months down the road. For me, that’s a waste of money. Let’s face it, clothes are expensive and kids grow fast! I like to save money where it counts and saving money on my kids’ clothes is an area that counts for our family. 

I’ve learned a few tricks dressing 3 kids (one who is incredibly picky) for less and it’s not as hard or as daunting as one might think. These 5 tips are easy, affordable, and your kids will still look fashionably adorable! Let’s get to it, shall we! 

Shop Clearance Racks

I love shopping clearance racks! Clearance racks are great if you want to purchase brand new clothes and the best time to shop clearance is at the end of a season. You’ll find all of the out-of-season clothes on clearance because the store is trying to clear space for their new merchandise. I always buy a size up and save it for the next year. I’m always on the lookout for clearance racks because I can usually find great deals. For instance, I just purchased an adorable Christmas skirt that I’m going to save for my daughter next Christmas. It was only .50 cents! 

TIP: Go early in the morning to shop clearance racks before they’re not picked over.

Shop Consignment

Consignment stores are great if you want to find items that are guaranteed to be in “like new” condition. Usually, consignment shops are very picky about what they put on their shelves to sell. My favorite consignment store in my area not only has clothes, but they have everything you may think you need for kids! Their items are consistently in top-notch condition and it’s almost as if you’re purchasing brand new stuff! I can always find what I need when I go and I know that I’m not going to spend a ton of money.  

TIP: Find a consignment shop that caters to kids. You’ll usually find better items. 

Shop Thrift Stores

I love a good thrift store! I know there are some terrible thrift stores out there, but I’ve found more good ones than bad ones. When it comes to shopping for clothes, my favorite ones are usually (not always) those run by big-name corporations because their items tend to be in good shape. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found top dollar items in thrift stores for pennies! Unfortunately, the thing with thrift stores is that it could be hit-or-miss and you may not always find what you need. Nonetheless, it’s worth the effort to look! 

TIP: Find out what days your thrift store restocks and go shop the next morning. 

Shop on Facebook

Facebook has Buy-Sell-Trade groups and their Marketplace where people post items they have for sale. It’s like an online garage sale! This one is probably the most convenient because all you need to do is hop on your phone and browse. If you see something you like, just contact the seller to arrange to pick up the item. Before I commit to purchasing an item, I always ask the seller if I can look at it first. That way, if I don’t like something, I’m not committed to the sale. It hasn’t happened often, but it’s nice to do that just in case. I recently purchased 5 pairs of boots for my daughter. They were in great condition and only $20!  

TIP: Always meet the seller in a public place with security cameras and park near the entry. 

Get Hand Me Downs 

If you have an awesome family and/or friends who offer you hand me downs, TAKE THEM!!! One, they’re free. And two, did I mention that they’re free! You can’t beat free! You may not always have a use for everything you get, but that’s OK. I’ve been lucky to have several friends and/or family give us hand me downs and I’m always so grateful and excited because it’s usually something that we needed. If there’s something in there that’s out of season, I just put it away until that season comes. Easy!  

TIP: If your baby-making days aren’t over, get some vacuum seal bags and save your kid’s clothes in a storage container to use for your future kids! 

Top 5 Ways to Dress Your Kids for Less

There you have it, Mama! These 5 Easy Ways to Dress Your Kids For Less is sure to save you some cold hard cash! What are some of your favorite ways to dress your kids for less? 

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