A Little Background – Podcast Episode 2

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(Last Updated On: September 1, 2021)

Welcome to the show notes for Episode 2 of the A Family Devoted Podcast!

Here at A Family Devoted, we strengthen families with a biblical worldview so that they discern biblically, think critically, and glorify God in all things.

In this episode we discuss how we met and what led us to where we are now.



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Things Mentioned In This Episode:

Fighting For The Faith – 2021 Prophecy Bingo 

Fighting For The Faith – July Prophecy Bingo

James White The Dividing Line

Apologia Studios

How I Birthed My Last – A Gentle Cesarean Story

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

Association of Certified Biblical Counseling

G3 Conference

Our Home Church – Christ Bible Church

Sermon – The Church Continued Steadfastly…In Prayer


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