First Bank Account With Buck Academy

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We received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Money literacy is a great skill to teach while young. From opening a bank account to saving money in a savings account, Buck’s First Bank Account by Buck Academy is a great way to introduce money literacy to children.

BUCK Academy


What is Buck Academy?

Buck Academy is a family-owned business written and illustrated by husband and wife team Dustin and Febyolla Goss. They started this business to teach their son about money when they couldn’t find any simple resources about money for kids.

Buck Academy is proud that its books help parents educate their children about personal finance. They are also proud to gift it forward and value knowledge. Buck Academy gives a portion of its proceeds to children, libraries, and schools in need. 

Their latest book, Buck’s First Bank Account, shows children how to choose a bank, determine which type of account(s) they may need, and how to open a bank account and gives great tips and teaches the importance of how to save money.

Buck Academy

How We Used Buck Academy 

We used this book during extra reading time and a few times during read-aloud. We then went on to have more discussions about the book because the kids asked questions. 

Inside Buck Academy

Some of the things from the book that we discussed were:

  • How to choose the right bank
  • When to use a checking and savings account
  • What is a Debit Card
  • How to keep Debit cards safe, etc.

How Much Buck’s First Bank Account?

This book pairs nicely with other Buck Academy books and costs $12.95

My Thoughts On Buck’s First Bank Account

I continue to be a fan of Buck Academy. I love that it teaches money literacy to children and they appreciate the value of a dollar which is a great way to help the next generation to be better stewards of their money.

Kids Banking Buck Academy

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