Handprint Candy Cane Ornament

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(Last Updated On: December 5, 2022)

If you have sappy, sentimental people in your family, as I do, they will love receiving a DIY gift for Christmas. It has become a Christmas tradition for my kids to make homemade gifts for grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is so much fun!

I love getting the kids involved in the gift-giving process because it teaches them at a young age the biblical principle of how to be a generous, thoughtful, and cheerful giver. They also get to go through the entire gift-giving process from start to finish such as thinking about what they are going to make, who they are making it for, gathering the supplies, making it, wrapping it, and mailing it if the person lives in a different state or city.

I really enjoy watching this process with each of my children. Although it is lengthy, because we start brainstorming in November, it’s totally worth it!

handprint candy cane ornament

This handprint candy cane ornament is a fun, easy craft perfect for both toddlers and older kids! It is also a fun homeschool art activity!

Here is a list of what you will need:

How To Make Your Handprint Candy Cane Ornament:

1. With a paintbrush, paint red over the palm of your child’s hand

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2. On a sheet of white construction paper, gently place the palm of the hand on it, making a hand-print

3. Once dry, take the fine tip permanent marker and outline the thumb and index finger in the shape of a candy cane

4. Use white and red paint to fill in each section like a candy cane

5. Once dry, cut out the outline of the hand and glue it to another piece of construction paper to make a frame.

6. On the backside of the hand, you can write their name and who it’s for as well as this cute little poem (optional):

When you hang this ornament

From year to year

I hope it brings you a smile

From ear to ear

This hand-print Candy-cane

Will help you remember,

How small I was in (YOUR YEAR)

In the month of December

7. Place the painted hand on a laminating sheet and run it through your laminator

8. Cut out the hand-print, leaving a small notch on top

9. Punch a hole in the notch

10. Loop a pipe cleaner through the hole as the hook and place a bead on it to secure it.

Handprint Candy Cane Ornament

Just in case you missed the materials you need for this Handprint Candy Cane Ornament Christmas Craft, here it is again!

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What homemade gifts are you making this year?

If you make this Handprint Candy Cane Ornament with your kids tag me (@afamilydevoted) on Instagram! I’d love to see it!

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