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Let’s face it. Music lessons are expensive. As a homeschooling family, finding the extra cash to cover that expense may not be possible, especially when you have multiple children. Thankfully, there is a way to do music lessons at home! The Vocal Gym by Throga offers singing lessons for homeschoolers to learn to sing at home with The Vocal Gym for Homeschool!  

Learn To Sing At Home With The Vocal Gym

This post is sponsored by The Vocal Gym by Throga. My time was compensated however all opinions or my own. 

What is The Vocal Gym?

The Vocal Gym by Throga was created by Richard Fink IV and is an online course that offers Carnegie credit-qualifying vocal lessons. This is a self-paced, interactive course for students ages 12+ who want to learn to sing at home. The course utilizes the highest U.S. State standards for classroom Artistic Processes and Blooms Taxonomies integrated throughout the curriculum. 

By creating a personalized vocal profile, students are then taught the 7 Dimensions of Singing which are Flexibility, Breathing, Intonation, Range, Tone, Articulation, and Strength. With this comes a tailored singing experience that focuses on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

No music experience is necessary as this course does not require any music skills or previous music course credits. 

There are four main things that set The Vocal Gym apart from other at-home music lessons:

  1. Personalized and Interactive Learning: The Vocal Gym for Homeschool is self-paced and is the only vocal technique that has been awarded a U.S Patent. 
  2. Carnegie Credit Qualifying: The course allows students to earn Fine Arts or Extracurricular Credit, recognized across all 50 U.S. States. The self-paced program enables students to log 150+ hours of learning and vocal development per year.
  3. Parental Oversight: Parents can monitor their child’s progress, practice time, and work through the Parent Portal. The course also includes a Homeschool Toolbox to guide parents through course assignments and provide access to quiz keys and extras​1.
  4. Comprehensive Content: The course provides 115,000+ vocal exercise combinations, 365-day access for diagnosing and measuring progress, and 150 hours of lessons, exercises, and activities. 
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How We Used The Vocal Gym

My 9-year-old daughter and I used this course. The assessment was self-grading our own abilities. Once completed, it gives you a graph of your strengths and weaknesses. 

assessment The Vocal Gym by Throga

From there, you can get started with the course lessons. 

learn to sing at home with The Vocal Gym

Each module of the course is very detailed and covers a lot of information on technique, the science behind singing, and so much more. It’s easy to go back and rewatch or reread portions of the lesson if needed. 

techniques The Vocal Gym

I also like how you can download the audio to listen to later if you need to practice or warm up. 

How Much Is The Vocal Gym For Homeschool?

Your child can learn to sing at home with either a 6-month membership (or a semester) for $189, or a full-year membership for $349 per year. They also offer discounts for homeschool coop groups.

To put this into perspective, if you took your child outside the home to get 120 hours of training at $65/hr (the national average for private music lessons) to earn a Fine Arts credit would be $7,800. With The Vocal Gym, you’re paying significantly less for Carnegie credit-qualifying vocal lessons.

That’s amazing!

My Thoughts On The Vocal Gym By Throga

As someone who has a music background, I was incredibly impressed with this course! I am beyond rusty when it comes to singing, but, this course exercised my vocal cords in ways that it hasn’t been in years! That’s how I know this is a good course. They know what they are doing!

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I had zero issues with navigation or quality. It’s so well done and it really feels so professional. I’ve done many “at home” music lessons and this by far is the best I have tried. Although I ended up doing more of these lessons than my daughter due to time, she did enjoy and learn from the lessons that she did watch. 

Learn To Sing At Home

The Vocal Gym by Throga makes it easy to learn to sing at home. It saves both time and money for quality music lessons at home! You can also check out their YouTube channel for more tips, techniques, and even some free lessons.

What are your thoughts on The Vocal Gym for Homeschool? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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