Learning Dynamics Reading Program – Review

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You can teach your child to read in just 4 weeks with the Learning Dynamics Reading Program from Learning Dynamics. When I first read that on their website, I was intrigued. Could my child really learn how to read in 4 weeks? I was thrilled to put Learning Dynamics claims to the test to see if my daughter could learn how to read in 4 weeks! In this review, we’ll see if the claims are truly legit.

Learning How To Read With Learning Dynamics - Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschooling Finds.

What Is Learning Dynamics Reading Program?

With a 98% success rate and backed by University research, Learning Dynamics Reading Program is a complete system that comes with all the tools you need to teach your child how to read. This system is completed in only 15 minutes per lesson and includes a lesson manual, 50+ full-color books, 30+ songs on a CD, an app, an activity book & workbook, letter rewards, and flashcards.

The concept behind Learning Dynamics starts with the roadmap to reading which is: Challenge – Reward – Success – Confidence. The purpose is to build your child’s interest while giving them a new concept right when they need it. With each lesson, they are challenged with a new concept, and with your help, they will succeed in understanding it. Then, they are rewarded with a prize related to the concept that they just learned.

How We Used Learning Dynamics

We used Learning Dynamics on the suggested 3 days per week schedule. I did the lessons primarily with my 5-year-old daughter, however, I had my son, who is 3, sit in on the lessons as well. If for nothing else, he’s getting his letters and sounds reinforced and gets to listen to fun stories.

Prior to each lesson, I made sure that I reviewed the lesson manual. I like how each letter has a fun story with a cute character whose name starts with that letter. The story also includes lots of words with the letter that’s being taught.

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We start off by reviewing the letter name and its pronunciation using the blue cards and then listen to the song for that letter.

While the song played, I held up the page from the lesson manual so she could see what the song mentioned and used the alphabet picture flashcards.

After the song, I read the story for reinforcement. Then I reviewed the blue letter flashcards once more and asked them to say the letter, the sound it makes, and say a word that starts with that letter.

After the review, she completed the workbook which has the same pictures and letters from the lessons.

Before letting her try to read independently, it was suggested that the letters m, a, p, s, t, b, h, and g were learned. Once these letters were learned independently, I introduced blending sh, th, st, ap, am, as, and at. We practiced those for a week before moving on to independent reading.

We started out by reading one book each day from the system, starting with the blue set. My daughter is a sponge and she loves learning and is anxious to learn how to read. She wanted to read books every single day, rather than 3 days per week. But we stuck with the 3 days per week schedule and I reinforced the words and sounds throughout the week during our day.

Using the free app helps when it comes to playing the songs and not needing a cd player. 

4 Weeks To Read

I am pleased to say that my daughter is now a reader!! She is thrilled and gets so excited when she recognizes a word or the sound of a word independently. Take a look at the video below to see her read Book 4!

UPDATE 2020:

My oldest daughter is now 7 and is reading well above her age and grade level and she absolutely loves to read!

Also, I used this system with my 5-year-old son and he also learned how to read within 4 weeks! This time around, instead of 3 days per week, we complete 4 days a week of the system and introduce 3 letters a week rather than 1.

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Here he is reading books 4 and 5!

UPDATE 2022:

My youngest daughter started this at 5 as well, and yes, she also learned how to read in 4 weeks using the same schedule and method as I used with my son!

Learning Dynamics Reading Program with wiggles

Here she is reading:

How Much Does Learning Dynamics Cost?

You can get the complete Learning Dynamics system for just $99.93 USD on Amazon! If you need additional student workbooks, you can purchase those separately for $25.99 each. Learning Dynamics has added a Virtual Edition which gives you a digital copy of everything including books in addition to a physical copy for $129.99. 

My Thoughts On Learning Dynamics Reading Program

I had a feeling I was going really like this system. I love the cool box that it comes in because it makes it so easy to store on a bookshelf. However, we started using this in 2019 and if they had the Virtual Edition as an option back then I would have gotten that option because it would be amazing to use on the go for traveling

Using this program to teach my children how to read was so much fun and the kids really enjoyed it, too. I’m proud to say that all three of my children have learned how to read within the 4 week period and they all continue to love reading! This is one of the best reading programs I have used. It’s affordable and I highly recommend it to parents looking to teach their kids how to read.

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