How We Use Memoria Press Copybooks

How We Use Memoria Press Copybooks – Review

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(Last Updated On: September 7, 2020)

In today’s world of digital learning activities, one can easily forget the importance of practicing and perfecting the art of handwriting. The Copybooks I-III set from Memoria Press offers parents a clean, straightforward way to introduce and develop the time-honored practice handwriting with the help of the their copybooks.

What Is Copybooks I-III Set?

The set of Copybooks I-III includes three books for children in a Kindergarten-2nd grade level. Like memorization, the copybooks exercises the brain in a physical and mental way. Simply the act of fine motor coordination from tracing letters and numbers teaches diligence, neatness, and discipline.

Copybooks I-III provides continued growth for the student to progress from tracing to copying and eventually to independent writing. The picture below is from Book One.

How To Use Copybooks I-III Set 

Each book includes Teaching Guidelines, Student Guidelines, and a recommended schedule for use. Parents will find these books very easy to use to teach their children handwriting, penmanship, spelling, and grammar. Each book also includes blank pages where children can exercise their creativity and draw their own illustrations of various Scripture quotes and lines from poems as well. I love this because they are absorbing Biblical truths and delightful children’s literature as they are writing. 

How Much Does Copybooks I-III Set Cost?

One set of Copybooks I-III, which includes 3 individual books, costs $39.95 and could definitely last you the school year. 

Final Thoughts On Copybooks I-III Set

For their clean presentation, ease of use, and effectiveness, I highly recommend Copybooks I-III set. My daughter has really enjoyed using these books and is already on Book Two! She’s excited for cursive too!

Your children will learn patience and diligence in the simple tracing and copying of Scripture passages and poetic literature. I think you will appreciate the straightforward presentation of each copybook lesson as well as the teaching guidelines and recommended schedule.

How We Use Memoria Press Copybooks

**Huge thanks to Memoria Press for sponsoring this post. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.**


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